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© Andrea Brookhart  all rights reserved


© Andrea Brookhart  all rights reserved

I am a photographer who thinks like a painter.

At the University

of Kansas, I earned a BFA in painting where my primary focus was landscape .

As a graduating senior, I was a recipient of the Lockwood Scholarship for excellence in painting.


My cameras

tell my story.

My photographs and paintings are in private collections around the United States.


Local shows include an exhibition of “20 photos from the Road,a celebration of Jack Kerouac’s 50th anniversary of On the Road” at The Writers Place in Kansas City, Missouri.

Fine art influences include the painter, Richard Diebenkorn. His compositions are masterful. I also appreciate how he used both figurative and abstract forms.


As a student working in the Art Library at KU, I often wandered off into the stacks to look at  books. Constable’s landscape sketchbooks were wide pages of  pencil marks showing overlapping hills and clouds. How do you draw clouds? Painting is easy, but drawing them?


Most influential teachers include the poet, Maryfrances Wagner, who taught me to think about denotation and connotation - what is there and what is only suggested?


And Roger Shimomura, the painter,  taught me how to create a piece with a single impact, allowing layers of meaning connoted by the subject matter to sink in, hidden or obvious, or

not there at all.


In 2014, my photographs were featured in both “The I-70 Review” and “Kansas City Voices, a periodical of writing and art.”


Also, three of my photos were featured in the Kansas City Business Journal in its report of  the 2014 International Folk Alliance Conference.

All inquiries regarding my photos are welcome. If you feel my work meets the needs of your clients, please contact me.


I would be pleased to fulfill corporate art requests, license images, or talk about a show, and the purchase of prints.


Contact me at or fill out the contact form. Thanks very much.

This lined paper pattern

is downloaded from If you need more, that's where to get’em.

Rotating quotes in contact section are all © Andrea Brookhart

Taking pictures and owning a camera have been as necessary in my life as doing and having other things, like swimming and having cats and dogs. Can’t not.

The photos from these Nikon cameras, the D70, D7000, and D7100, make up the core of the portfolio work shown on this website. They are complex computers with eyes. I'm still learning their nuances and experimenting with different lenses.

I can’t leave out my iPhone for its value to my shooting; it is “the camera that's always with me.” The 2014 issue of the “I-70 Review” for poetry featured my work on front and back covers. The front was shot with an iPhone 4S.







The Ricoh KR-5 was the first camera I bought on my own, a big purchase at the time. Similar to the Spotmatic Pentax, it was all manual but for the light meter, which was powered by a battery. A nice little camera. It traveled to Greece with me, where I learned not to use it as a pillow.

My dad kept me flush with film as a kid. For the price of developing, the lab would swap the exposed film for fresh rolls at no cost. Great lab. Great dad.

I was rushing to a photo class for high-schoolers at the Kansas City Art Institute when I spotted this: two reflective shapes with two very different physical properties.

In 2000, when 3.1 megapixels was a lot, I got a Kodak DC4800 digital camera. With good color and a 28mm - 84mm zoom lens, it allowed me to shoot constantly - no film to pay for! I decided not to look at anyone else’s work for several years. Just shoot a ton of pictures to see what came up, knowing I would find my own style.

about Andrea Brookhart

“I am looking for a basic, unadorned image;

something primary in nature.”

In my work life, I have roofed houses, pumped gas, been a telephone operator, and worked in a bean canning factory.


In junior high and high school, I took pictures for the yearbooks. Later, I shot photos of the KU Lady Jayhawks Basketball team the year they went to the Sweet Sixteen in NYC. I was happy to take pictures  from the court at Madison Square Garden.


I have been a technical illustrator and designer for an electrical construction magazine, and a package designer for ice cream.


And for eighteen years, I was a multimedia artist and animator at Hallmark Cards, Inc.  There, I created over 350 original and licensed, web-based, video animations.


For any questions about purchasing, licensing, or exhibiting this work, please contact Andrea Brookhart via this form. Thanks!

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My first landscape photo; shot with a Kodak Instamatic, age 10.

I wish I still had this negative; shot with a borrowed Spotmatic Pentax; age 16.

After an ice storm, I wandered around my neighborhood and found this. The negative is in my house somewhere; shot with a Ricoh KR-5, 1980s.

Bennie was my go-to model for 16 years, along with several other critters; taken with a Kodak DC4800, 2001.

When my big-girl camera is on the back seat, sometimes my iPhone serves the moment. This vintage auto was on I-70, east of Denver; shot with an iPhone 4S.

“Billy Beale, Hard Time” published in 2014 Kansas City Voices, was shot with a Nikon D7000 at the 2014 Folk Alliance Conference.

This tree was growing out of an abandoned well. The topsoil around it had been removed and sold. See the portfolio Road tab for a full view.

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